Preschool & Kindergarten

Preschool & Kindergarten

Preschool & Kindergarten

Children in our preschool and kindergarten are nurtured in a loving environment by caring teachers who promote engaging, creative, and cooperative learning. They are given the necessary tools and are adequately prepared to succeed in their upcoming elementary years. Our program provides an excellent foundation in reading with an emphasis on phonics. Our children are thrilled when they realize that they can read and begin to develop a love for books! Writing and arithmetic skills are also priorities in our curriculum.

Preschool Curriculum

Our curriculum specifically addresses three year old and four year old skills and concepts, and is designed to fit the developmental stage of our students, offering circle time, centers, math manipulatives, science experiments, dramatic play, age appropriate toys, outside play, among many others. Our curriculum is designed to create excitement and anticipation in the children for each day’s activities. It allows children opportunities to explore in developmentally appropriate environments. The curriculum is presented as a half-day or full-day program throughout the year, engaging the children in activities during the fall, winter, spring, and even summer. Our students will look forward to coming to school because they will know that our teachers care for them. The love of Christ will be evident in our classrooms.
Both the three and four year old children will experience large and small group situations along with individual assistance while exploring the areas of Language, Math, Science, Culture, Music and Art. On a daily basis, they will participate in the focus areas and circle time activities, and explore designated locations in the classroom known as "centers" to the preschooler. Socialization is encouraged throughout the daily activities as an integral part of the preschool experience. Three year olds will expand their vocabulary, begin letter recognition, review colors and shapes, follow directions, share, take turns, and experience other socialization skills in a group setting. The four year olds will be introduced to an extensive language/literacy program including letter recognition, beginning sounds of letters, rhyming words and in the spring, "I Can Read Words" or sight words. A Writing Focus is added during the summer months giving children an extra boost in expanding their readiness skills for entry into Kindergarten. Three year old and four year old children work on different levels in social settings.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Our distinctively Christian curriculum, A-Beka, will prepare our students to succeed in essential academic areas, emphasizing phonics, reading, listening, writing skills, mathematics, language arts, spelling, science, social studies, and Bible. Our extra curricular activities include computers, music, spanish, physical education, art, reading centers and the Academic of the Arts.


Kindergarten Course Descriptions:

Language and Phonics
This course is foundational for our students’ progress in reading. In this class, Kindergarteners learn and review vowel and consonant sounds, blends, one- and two-vowel words, special sounds, and sentence comprehension.

Our Kindergarten students are presented with twelve small readers as an excellent introduction to reading. The stories correlate with the phonics sounds that are presented in class. Our Kindergarteners are thrilled to see how rapidly they move from one reader to the next. They gain a firm foundation in reading, while developing a love for books, meant to last for a lifetime.

The Mathematics class reinforces number concepts and formation to 100, addition and subtraction combinations, number sequences, number words, time telling, and working with money.

Social Studies
Students in the Social Studies Kindergarten class are introduced to community helpers, beginnings of American history, interesting features of countries around the world, and simple geography.

The science class is well-suited to answer the many questions children ask at this young age about everything around them. They will learn about the five senses, the weather, seasons, seeds, animals, the seashore, and how all these things show the amazing wonders of God’s design in the world He has created.

Bible class in Kindergarten is a time to learn about God through the lives of major characters of the Bible. Children engage in various activities that help them comprehend and apply Biblical truths.

Extra Curricular: Technology, Visual Arts, Spanish, Music, and Physical

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