Trinitas Academy Staff

Meet the Trinitas Academy Staff 2022-2023


Our certified teachers are not only trained and qualified to fulfill their academic roles, but are also committed followers of Jesus Christ who are focused on forming and developing young disciples. Each of our teachers meet the descriptions and expectations of our Christian Teacher Profile.


Jorge del Pino

Head of School

  Ext. 101

Adrianna del Pino

Preschool Director

  Ext. 106

Jackeline Diaz

Business Administrator

  Ext. 103

Maria Brisuela

Office Manager / Lunch Coordinator

  Ext. 102

Xiovan Mesa

High School Principal

  Ext. 115

Jose del Pino

Middle School Department Head

  Ext. 105

Dale Butterworth

Elementary Department Head

  Ext. 113

Vaughn Tucker

Specials Department Head

  Ext. 117

Dorys Ramirez

Guidance Counselor

  Ext. 128

Iraci Meyenberg

Preschool Teacher

  Ext. 110

Yuraima Chacon

Preschool Teacher Assistant

  Ext. 110

Elizabeth Edwards


  Ext. 108

Bielka Pichardo

Kindergarten Teacher Assistant

  Ext. 108

Jeannie Robaina

First Grade

  Ext. 127

Patricia Longsworth

Second Grade

  Ext. 123

Aixa Almeda

Third Grade

  Ext. 111

Aisha Mercedes

Fourth Grade

  Ext. 112

Waynette Adderley

Upper School Math and Science

  Ext. 114

Ryan Butler

HS English

  Ext. 107

Rafael Noriega

Physical Education

  Ext. 109

Natalie del Pino


  Ext. 118

Yadira Noriega

Music and PE

  Ext. 109

Millaray Chandia

Substitute / Teacher Assistant

  Ext. 111

Elyana Alvarez


  Ext. 125

Rose Ducran

Teacher Assistant

  Ext. 122

Ramon Millan

Facility Maintenance

    Ext. 104

Jerry Adderley

Facility Maintenance

  Ext. 116