From the Desk of Jorge del Pino

November 6, 2020 admin

Dear Parents,

The first quarter at Trinitas Academy comes to an end today, and what a quarter it has been – finishing off with a bang with today’s Literature Day for grades K-4th! Regardless of the pandemic, we already see how this year has started off with the potential of being our best year ever, particularly in the quality of our academics. We are blessed to have welcomed to our teaching staff, Elizabeth Edwards in Kindergarten, and Melodee Smith and Jose del Pino in Middle School, to add to our already wonderful team of teachers. We are grateful to all parents for their support and look forward to having every student back on campus very soon. I believe we are becoming “the best kept secret in Plantation”, and our students are receiving an excellent, Christ-centered education. But we need to get the word out. Several of our classes have filled up, but there is still room to bless more children, particularly in the 6th and 7th grade. Thank you for this opportunity to serve you, and may the second quarter be as good or even better than the first!

Second Quarter Begins 10/26

The second quarter has some fresh new surprises in store.  We look forward to participating in “Operation Christmas Child” and delighting in our student’s performance in this year’s Christmas Musical: “Jingle Bell Beach”!

Students who were in the Online Instruction format may now return to in-person learning starting, Monday, October 26th. However, we are extending the Online Instruction option through the end of the second quarter.  As indicated initially, commitments will be made on a quarter by quarter basis.

On campus, we will continue to apply our health & safety measures and request everyone’s cooperation in keeping children home who are ill or experiencing cold-like symptoms, especially if they have a fever.


Please help us by making sure masks worn by children do not contain inappropriate messages nor statements of a political nature. It is preferred that students and staff wear solid color masks. The school administration will reserve its prerogative to determine when a particular mask contains messages not allowed on campus (the same goes for clothing worn on “No Uniform Days”).  In the midst of an intense electoral season in our nation, the educational elements of an election year will be taken advantage of, but hateful or derogatory comments are not permitted, as we pursue a calm, peaceful, and safe environment for our children to learn and express their opinions.

Update on Lunch Program

All families will receive an email with a registration form to sign up for the free lunch program we have all been waiting for. The program is free for all children on scholarships, but families not on scholarships may also register for the program for a minimal cost. Please be sure to check your email, fill the form out, and “submit” it as soon as you receive it.  We anticipate the kickoff date for the lunch program to be January 4th, 2021, or sooner, Lord willing!

In His service,

Pastor Jorge